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Open Foris Geospatial Toolkit is a a collection of prototype command-line utilities for processing of geographical data. The tools can be divided into stand-alone programs and scripts and they have been tested mainly in Ubuntu Linux environment although can be used with other linux distros, Mac OS, and MS Windows (Cywgin) as well. Most of the stand-alone programs use GDAL libraries and many of the scripts rely heavily on GDAL command-line utilities.

Please find below the drafts of pages we are developing to document the utilities and their usage. The documentation is work in progress and we welcome your feedback and contribution to improve it.

You can find us also in Google+ and Facebook. These pages are also available en Español and en français

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New version of OFGT 1.25.4 out now

WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY: The content of the wiki is free and open source, it can be used, but without any warranty. You can use modify improve scripts and tutorials and end send us your feedback.

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