Preparation of mapathons

Excel-based tool for preparation of mapathons

This tool provides an overview on how to run Collect Earth “mapathons” -: A coordinated group mapping event where participants are invited to collectively and intensively collect data for a specific area through augmented visual interpretation of satellite images. The tool guides the user through 6 steps in the mapathon process. Each of the steps is the subject of a specific chapter illustrated in the tabs of this excel table.

This tool has been developed on the basis of the experience of the Land Use Monitoring and Innovation Team in FAO and the following publication developed by members of the FAO Forestry Department and the World Resource Institure (WRI).  Reytar, K., Martin, O., Landsberg, F., Ray, S., Gallo Granizo, C., Zamora Cristales, R., Duraisami, M., Kanchana CB, Woldemariam, T., Stolle, F., Arakwiye, B., Courtois, A.-M., d’Annunzio, R. and Finegold, Y. 2021. Mapping together – A guide to monitoring forest and landscape restoration using Collect Earth Mapathons. Rome, Washington, DC. FAO and WRI.