Earth Map, an innovative solution developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with Google. Earth Map supports countries, research institutes, and farmers in monitoring their land easily and comprehensively. Through Earth Map users can directly access its features, empowered by Google Earth Engine’s big data capabilities, enabling complex analysis of earth observation and climate data without prior knowledge of remote sensing or GIS. Organized into thematic groups and offering layers for visualization and statistical analysis, Earth Map provides access to various datasets covering climate, vegetation, land degradation, water, forestry, and biodiversity. 

Earth Map allows users to gain both temporal insights through accessing time series data and spatial insights through visualizing maps, providing a clear perspective on their areas of interest. Statistics are run on the fly on metrics like temperature, precipitation, and land cover changes across multiple time periods on any device within a matter of seconds, regardless of the device’s computational power. This integration offers users both temporal and spatial perspectives, enhancing their ability to understand and manage areas of interest effectively.

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