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Forests are one of the planet’s greatest resources.
But climate change and human impact pose growing threats.

Open Foris has been developed with the belief that innovative, accurate and transparent forest monitoring can unlock the potential of forests for climate action and the many other benefits that forests provide.

Field Data Collection

Simple, intuitive, and versatile map-first data collection mobile application

Arena Mobile
The fast, new generation data collection tool works with Arena and runs on Android and iOS devices

Visual Interpretation

Collect Earth
Augmented visual interpretation tool for land monitoring

Collect Earth Online
Custom built, open-source, high resolution satellite image viewing and interpretation system

Data Management

Easy and flexible survey design and data management

Online platform for survey design, data management, utilization and processing

Geospatial Analysis

System for earth observation data access, processing, analysis for land monitoring

Earth Map
The power of Google Earth Engine without coding. A user friendly tool for complex land monitoring

Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay! Get inspired by #Kenya's Forest Carbon Champions: "We used the knowledge gained from the #SEPAL remote sensing trainings to monitor threatened tree species in Ramogi Hills, informing our restoration strategy while incorporating indigenous knowledge"πŸ‘‡

πŸš€ Exciting updates from #IvoryCoast! #Ground is making a difference on the ground, aligning efforts with the EUDR.
Dive into our story and watch a Ground demo session:
#OpenForis #Deforestation #EUDR

🌿🍫 Mapping the future of cocoa in #Cameroon with #COCAFORI. Supported by @FAO and #EU, this #sustainablecocoa initiative leverages remote sensing, #AI, & @OpenForis #SEPAL #Whisp solutions for more transparent & sustainable forests.🌳🀝
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Thrilled to announce our #Google Impact Award win for democratizing geospatial data with @OpenForis #EarthMap! 🌍✨ Join us in shaping a sustainable future.
#ImpactAward #Geospatial

Glad to share good news about Earth Map and thanks to @rebeccatmoore and the whole @EarthOutreach team for the continuing collaboration with @FAO and the @OpenForis initiative.

πŸ“£We were thrilled to have all of you on Day 1 of our SEPAL seminar with @FAO and @UNCCD! See you all on Day 2 when we dive into the #LDNToolbox and examples of monitoring.

Join us to learn more about the #SEPAL module 15.3.1 πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

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