Survey design with Collect

For the desktop version of Collect Earth, the survey needs to be created and configured within a separate survey design tool called Collect, which is downloadable from the Open Foris suite of tools.

If you don’t have the last version installed, it is better if you un-install your version and install it again!!

The tool is composed by a control panel and a website that will open in your browser http://localhost:8380/collect/#/

Surveys are organized into separate panels of questions called “cards,” which help structure information by theme and better drive the logic of the survey questions. The cards are navigated via a series of tabs at the top.

Once the user is working in Collect, all the surveys can be on modified or published mode, in both cases the user can edit and modify the survey design but only when it is set in the publish mode, we can manage the data and work with the data cleansing. In order to create a new survey, the best solution is to clone an old one and starting from that survey customize the new one.

For further details on how to create a survey with Collect please refer to the Collect video materials section.

Open Foris Collect: Installation and execution (2016)

Importing and editing a Collect Earth survey with Collect (2016)

Creating a new Collect Earth survey (2016)