Key features

  • User Friendliness:Nice web interface; Designed based on real users’ needs, No need for technical skills to use it.
  • Rapid Data Entry: Limited use of mouse needed; Data entry using only keyboard; Auto-complete; Species list search; Immediate feedback on errors/warnings.
  • Highly Configurable: Design the survey from scratch or starting from a template; Data entry user interface is automatically generated and metadata driven; Validation rules (distance, comparison, pattern…); Multiple layouts (form, table, multiple columns form).
  • Multiple data types: Basic Types – Text, Number, Boolean, Date, Time. Complex types – Range, Coordinate, File, Taxon. Plus, support for calculated values.
  • Multi-user or standalone: It can be used in a standalone environment with no need for internet connection; Data can be exported from single/standalone installations and imported into a centralized installation to create a complete data set; In multi-user environment, users can work only on owned records.
  • Controlled QA workflow: Record goes through different steps: Data entry, Data cleansing, Data analysis. Minimized “data cooking”. 
  • Rich metadata: XML format, Complex nested structure of the survey, Validation rules, Multiple Spatial Reference Systems.
  • Multilingual: Define the survey in multiple languages – Tab labels, Input field labels, Validation messages, Code item labels, Element info tooltips. The user will see the survey in the language of his/her web browser or in the survey default language.
  • Multiple data export/import formats: XML, CSV, Relational database.