Data Management

This section of Collect is the starting point for Data Entry and Data Management. In this section records can be entered, edited and managed. Once records are entered into Collect, this section presents a log of errors and warnings encountered during data entry as well as information on when records were created or modified and their status in the data cleansing process. In addition, it is also possible to visualize which user entered a specific record.

Specifications on the Open Foris Collect Workflow (Data entry, Data cleansing and Data analysis) can be found here .

Clicking on Data Management opens the list of records present (if any). 

A typical Data Management view is shown in the example image below. Note that different users type will have different views and editing permissions as outlined in the Users accounts  section. 

Records can be filtered (click on filter icon in the top right corner) and sorted by columns. The advanced functions button (at the bottom) allows to export or import data as well as run a Validation report.

Adding a record:

Clicking on Add will open the data entry form as designed in the Survey Designer. The user can start to enter data moving from field to field using ‘Tab’. The behaviour of each record field depends on its parameters as outlined in the Open Foris Collect Data Validation States here .

As shown in the image below, Errors will be highlighted in red, warnings in yellow. If no value was present in the paper form, the data entry user can leave the field blank and specify the reason (by right-click on the field and choosing one of the options)

Once all the files have been filled-in for a record, the user can Submit it (top-right corner). The record will be added to the log and available for the next steps in the data work flow.